Usage Patterns and Social Circles on Facebook among Elderly People (Project Manager)

Jul. 2016 ~ Mar. 2017

Cooperating with: The project myPersonality in the Psychometrics Centre, University of Cambridge, the U.K. and Stanford Graduate School of Business, the U.S.

  • Extracting the elderly’s data from 224 million records
  • adopting statistical analysis and social network analysis
  • considering the influence of personality traits

Research on Intelligence Systems of the Aged Nursing Care Based on Technology Acceptance

Jun. 2016 ~ Current

Cooperating with: Institute of Human Factors and Ergonomics, Tsinghua University, China; Yuan Ze University, Taiwan, China

  • Interviewing on the intergenerational communication *
  • designing experiments to analyze the impact of social robots’ characteristics
  • conducting experiments on the elderly’s gait.

Research on Behaviour Pattern Recognition of Web Users based on Trusted Interaction Mechanism and Big Data Project Manager (Project Manager)

Apr. 2016 ~ Current

  • Cleaning the data of mouse motion; extracting features
  • building mouse behaviour patterns through machine learning methods
  • recognizing the credibility of usage behaviour.

Statistical Simulation of the Performance of Surface Texture (Project Manager)

Mar. 2016 ~ Mar. 2017

Cooperating with: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Louisiana State University, the U.S.

  • Applying statistical methods and machine learning methods to analyze the influence of dimensional uncertainty on surface texture performance

Design Guidelines on User Interface of E-commerce Platform by Cross-devices

Oct. 2014 ~ Dec. 2015

Cooperating with: User Experience Design, Alibaba International

  • Investigating features of the market of e-commerce
  • making interface prototypes on smart watches and smart phones, filming and making videos.