EPSRC Databox: Privacy-Aware Infrastructure for Managing Personal Data (Research Postgraduate in SysAL)

Oct. 2018 ~ Current

  • Research on deep learning at the edge with trusted execution environments.

Privacy-preserving Federated Learning (Internship)

Sept. 2020 ~ Jan. 2021

Cooperating with: Telefonica Research.

  • Explore federated learning with model partitioned execution using clients’ TEEs, in order to achieve privacy-preserving FL and guarantee information leakage of shared models/gradients.

Edge Computing and Cyber Physical Systems (Huawei Innovation Research Program)

Jul. 2019 ~ Jan. 2020

Cooperating with: Huawei Technologies.

  • Explore on-device deep learning with trusted execution environments with a balance achieved between system cost and model privacy.

Research on Intelligence Systems of the Aged Nursing Care Based on Technology Acceptance

Jun. 2016 ~ Jul. 2018

Cooperating with: Institute of Human Factors and Ergonomics, Tsinghua University, China; Yuan Ze University, Taiwan, China

  • Interviewing on the intergenerational communication;
  • designing experiments to analyze the impact of social robots’ characteristics and conducting experiments on the elderly’s gait.

Research on Behaviour Pattern Recognition of Web Users based on Trusted Interaction Mechanism and Big Data Project Manager (Project Manager)

Apr. 2016 ~ Mar. 2018

  • building mouse behaviour patterns through machine learning methods;
  • recognizing the credibility of usage behaviour.

Usage Patterns and Social Circles on Facebook among Elderly People (Project Manager)

Jul. 2016 ~ Mar. 2017

Cooperating with: The project myPersonality in the Psychometrics Centre, University of Cambridge, the U.K. and Stanford Graduate School of Business, the U.S.

  • Extracting the elderly’s data from facebook dataset (224 million records);
  • adopting statistical analysis and social network analysis;
  • considering the influence of personality traits.

Statistical Simulation of the Performance of Surface Texture (Project Manager)

Mar. 2016 ~ Mar. 2017

Cooperating with: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Louisiana State University, the U.S.

  • Applying statistical methods and machine learning methods to analyze the influence of dimensional uncertainty on surface texture performance.

Design Guidelines on User Interface of E-commerce Platform by Cross-devices

Oct. 2014 ~ Dec. 2015

Cooperating with: User Experience Design, Alibaba International

  • Investigating features of the market of e-commerce;
  • making interface prototypes on smartwatches and smartphones, filming and making videos.