C-shaped tapping pattern on smartwatches' screen you even don't realize

News! our journal paper “Adapting smart watch interfaces to hand gestures during movements: Offset models and the C-shaped pattern of tapping” has been accepted to the journal Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing (Paper). The corresponding patent is published with No: 201810149684X (Chinese version).

No matter how smartwatch users move, they have the similar high-accurate tapping areas on the round screen, a C-shaped tapping. This is a very special tapping pattern compared to unromantic tapping vector fields on smartphones. It let us recall the legendary “F-shaped” heat map of visual tracking on websites, which greatly influences the website design guidelines from Nielsen Normal Group.

Constructocat by Vincent

What we are reminded is, shapes, sizes, and movement conditions, all have impact on the hand gesture. What we are facing is not the simple “Fig Finger” problem.

Written on September 10, 2020