About Me

Hello! I’m Fan (Vincent) Mo, currently a PhD Candidate in Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London. I’m supervised by Dr. Hamed Haddadi, who is the Deputy Director of Research in Dyson Design School.

My research focuses on guaranteeing data privacy in IoT, especially in edge computing, helping users train their machine learning models without leakage of their private information. My previous research focuses on human behavior on wearable/mobile devices and social network sites. I have many experiences at User Study, Usability Evaluation and Test, Experiment Design, UX/UI design, Prototype Develop and Evaluation, Application Development, as well as Statistics.

If you have anything to want to know from me or share with me, please email me. Very happy to hear from you!

Previous Study Experiences

2015-2018, Master of Science in Management, Chongqing University (GPA: 4.81/5, Rank: 1/67). My Master’s Thesis is “Research on interactive design of motion-adaptive for smart watches” (Advised by Prof. Jia Zhou and Prof. Shuping Yi; Awarded as Outstanding)

2011-2015, Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, Chongqing University (GPA: 3.74/4, Rank: 1/60). My Bachelor’s Thesis is “The influence of menu structure on interactive performance of smart watches” (Advised by Prof. Jia Zhou and Prof. Shuping Yi; Awarded as Outstanding)

Previous Scholarships/Awards

  • 2019-2021 CSC Scholarships
  • 2019 Imperial-TUM Global Fellows Programme: Cites of the Future
  • 2018 Li-xin Tang Overseas Scholarships at Imperial College London (Both tuition fees and living costs are covered)
  • 2017 Outstanding Graduate Thesis Award (Top 1% in University)
  • 2016, 2017 National Scholarship for the Graduate Student (Twice, Top 2% in University)
  • 2015 National Entrance Scholarship for Graduate Student (Top 0.5% in University)
  • 2015 Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award (Top 1% in University)
  • 2015 Chongqing Outstanding Graduate Award (Top 0.1% in Chongqing Province)
  • 2014 Li-xin Tang Scholarship (Top 0.1% in China) This scholarship opens to applicants from the Top 10 University in China, and it has established elite clubs and provides academic forums and oversea tour study for the scholars.
  • 2013 National Grants for the Undergraduate Student (Top 3% in University)
  • 2012 National Scholarship for the Undergraduate Student (Top 1% in University)

Notes: All those are students’ awards since I’m still a student. In addition to that, lots of enterprise scholarships and university’s awards are not listed here.

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