About Me

I’m Fan (Vincent) Mo, a PhD Candidate in Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London, supervised by Dr. Hamed Haddadi. Before starting my PhD, I got my Master of Science in Management and Bachelor of Industrial Engineering at Chongqing University, closely working with Prof. Jia Zhou.

My current research focuses on guaranteeing data privacy in IoT, especially in edge computing, helping users train their machine learning models without leakage of their private information, leveraging techniques such Trusted Execution Environments. My previous research focuses on human behavior on wearable/mobile devices and social network sites. I have many experiences in User Study, Usability Evaluation and Test, Experiment Design, UX/UI design, Prototype Develop and Evaluation, Application Development, etc. I enjoy working in interdisciplinary fields and enjoy beautiful things in both science and humanities.


  • 2021 Telefonica Internship in Federated Learning + TEE
  • 2019-2021 CSC-IC Scholarships
  • 2019 Imperial-TUM Global Fellows Programme: Cities of the Future
  • 2018 Li-xin Tang Overseas Scholarships at Imperial College London (Both tuition fees and living costs are covered)
  • 2017 Outstanding Graduate Thesis Award (Research on the interactive design of motion-adaptive for smartwatches)
  • 2015 Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award
  • 2012-2018 Many Student Scholarships (e.g. National Scholarship, Li-xin Tang Scholarship, etc) multiple times. Thanks for their generous supports to the early age of my studying.

Selected Papers

Fan Mo, and Jia Zhou. “Adapting smartwatch interfaces to hand gestures during movements: Offset models and the C-shaped pattern of tapping”. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing (2020). Paper, Code and data, Invention Grant (Chinese Patent No: 201810149684X)

Fan Mo, Ali Shahin Shamsabadi, Kleomenis Katevas, Soteris Demetriou, Ilias Leontiadis, Andrea Cavallaro, Hamed Haddadi. “DarkneTZ: Towards Model Privacy on the Edge using Trusted Execution Environments”. ACM MobiSys 2020, Toronto, Canada, June 2020. arXiv, Codes, Video (Acceptance Rate: 19.4%)

Fan Mo, Jia Zhou, Michal Kosinski, and David Stillwell. “Usage patterns and social circles on Facebook among elderly people with diverse personality traits.” Educational Gerontology 44, no. 4 (2018): 265-275. paper

Fan Mo, Cong Shen, Jia Zhou, and Michael M. Khonsari. “Statistical analysis of surface texture performance with provisions with uncertainty in texture dimensions.” IEEE Access 5 (2017): 5388-5398. paper

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